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With over 20 years experience across various sectors of customer sevice industries, i believe i have developed a professional attitude in my personal presentation, communication skills and work ethic. By being self motivated and goal focused, i have achieved a depth and range of skills and competencies. This has given me the ability to be diverse and adaptable for the demands that various employment companies require.

For what this page cannot illustrate, the following pages will represent - they are a display of what sets me apart from other candidates. I have the initiative to conceive ideas, research their possibilities, plan and trial an idea into implementation. I learn processes quickly, working well under pressure to meet deadlines and i always ensure my outcomes meet the expectations.

I can foster a positive and productive work environment, sharing knowledge and taking on additional tasks as needed. With excellent rapport building skills i can relate on all levels, identifying others needs, and meeting them efficiently and confidently. I am positive, personable, proactive and dedicated.

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