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The Threads we Weave over Time


A new day encourages a new beginning, but a new year heralds in so much more. 2014 taught me that to keep moving forward, you must work your way backwards...... the road map you build in your mind is not just signposted "one way". In time it is hoped you will come to understand the true meaning of this phrase.

Acceptance of the preordained course that is out of your control, such as FATE, will then let you choose a new path to lay. Only then, can you truly concentrate on what is ahead of you, to actively shape, initiate and bring into your life.

For me time has been a great friend, an opportunity always to heal and to grow, time i have come to learn is like the impermanence of life, always moving, changing - no end in sight, constant ebb & flow....... i like the sound of that, how it just keeps ticking over in my mind, for it inspires endless opportunities, a chance of new beginnings, evidence of faith, belief and for all of us - Hope.

May it always lead you to weave only such threads of gold into your life.

Those trials and tribulations you face today, hour upon hour they become the milestones you made that you'll remember tomorrow, another "thread over time", that you can tick or tuck away.

I resolved not to make a resolution this year of 2015, for i am travelling the road on the journey of where i need to be, embracing the path before me and where destiny will now take me.

A beautiful friend - i call him my Master of Mind Matter - reminded me that "if you can't have a happy ending then find a new beginning, for even when you cannot change the direction of the wind, you still have the ability to adjust the sails". Such a friendship reminds me how lucky i have been.

So as the first day of a new year now draws to a close, i share with you a beautiful memory of two treasured milestones that are part of my tapestry today, that as our pact together to create a bigger, better, brighter tomorrow continue to weave their magic and prove how they thrive and can grow.

Mother and Baby

Where do i begin to tell you exactly what you mean to me.

That newness of you, the smell and feel of you that catches me by surprise.

To marvel at your creation, for you are that perfect combination blended from a man and a woman - gifted into life.

To look down longingly at you, admiring such detail and artistry.... the crease over your knuckles, the curl of your ear, the twitch in your nose, to search for a dimple in your chin, and oh, such is the softness and shape when counting all those wriggling toes.

As i pull you to my breast, resting damp and warm, our gaze met

and i just knew

you had always been that child in my mind, one built for a lifetime, so full of potential

For with my love, nurturing, protection and great care, so shall you take your place in this world

such a beautiful world we all share.


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