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For the Social Good of All

Do you ever roll over in the morning and ask yourself - "how am i going to improve the world around me?" I do most days i have to say.

For me, its little by little, one day at a time, creating ripples that i believe will eventually become waves.... For i can do time, i've done time.

Time to heal, time to learn, time to grow, always moving forward - that ebb and flow. First though, as with all of us, it has to start with ME. Recognising that you need to move away from your own fears, insecurities, to move outside of your own challenges and just be brave.

For anyone that has walked to the edge of the precipice, you come to understand the point of reason - what life should be - to be educated, to be happy and to find the answers to those questions of such a life.

"Why are we really here and what is it all about?", for if all roads travelled, lead us back to the one path, back to the beginning, then what is the need to create such a fuss, why then waste our energy on negative forces when we should all be rising above to share and enjoy the fruits that have been laid before us - perhaps then the question we should ask is "how to come together for the greater cause?"

Know that it takes enormous strength and power to remove the focus of the self and raise the awareness to what is happening outside of ourselves. When you do, you become truly enlightened, so engaged with the world, a marriage of heart and mind.

In times of war and such acts of violence we need to learn to disengage, unplug, when damage has been done to stop pointing the finger at blame and look to what can be done. Like so many in the world, we wrap ourselves in a world of pain, surrounded by white ribbon, broken, barren, hurt & suffering in silence, but we are always reminded and quickly pulled up by others that are worse off.

At work we can be reminded that we are part of the fortunate few, with eyes beginning to open, the more we are impacted locally the more we begin to see and feel globally - and oh today, how the questions come: How to feed, shelter, cloth those starving and in poverty, how to stop the genocide, the rape and pillage of those vulnerable, those impoverished - how to stop war, how to educate and give to all. My human heart began to ROAR.

Inside us all i truly believe is goodness, no matter the worse thing ever done to you - and it is this that keeps us moving forward. Even on those days with a forced and painted smile still on my face, there was always the drive to my compassion - to move outside of the self and attempt to give, as much as i could of my free thought., my time, sending uplifting messages, offering my skills, brainstorming new ways and gradually healing - to have your own story unfold in the most delicate beautiful way.

For, i recognise today that i have been truly blessed to be where i am, now standing and making good choices that affect not just myself, my family but that hopefully send a message to all.

I have worked with some Amazing people, travelled the world, listened to the stories of others be told, such people around the world have written their names on a little piece of my heart.

When you truly lead, by impacting the thoughts of others, you create a shared culture of values, you infuse others with great hope and give them the desire to want to believe. When you leave a legacy of your faith, passion and happiness in so many this can be enough to propel the world into a new way of thinking.

So this has become my story of today, that now sees me inviting you in. To share the journey of how i am improving myself and the world around me one day at a time. We all have been given special gifts in life, none are greater than another they are just different, but all are special and unique, all make up the parts that become the whole of mankind.

For some in their darkest hour, they arrive home, as did i in a place of "people caring for people". In the many industries i have worked and being an ambassador always of customer service both in management and line level, i knew i belonged, as we all belong. A life granted is a gift to each and every one, at its core are the same values, desires, dreams for more. It has been walking among Giants in my hallowed halls that i am now strong, that taught me to move on. For many in their race to self satisfy they actually end up self sacrificing and the ones they say they love. Be mindful that when advancing your skill set that you dont neglect your human side - always keep in touch.

At the core of it all should be the heart of compassion. To grow the fruits of great labour, you must first lay good soil, be sensitive to nature, nurturing and encouraging growth. When you empower others you gain the benefit of their ideas and creativity. Through our connections we meet an abundance of rich mentors, leaders who enable us to free our voice, to rise up and articulate those thoughts, to colour our world globally.

When we approach life in an egalitarian way, that is open, honest, transparent, ethical and innovative, we nurture and promote wellness and such good. As any good businessman, entrepreneur or politician would know the environment will always affect the outcome considering it surrounds it, all for one and one for all. by shifting our personal interests towards the betterment of others we impact greatly on society, we adopt change. We are still able to acknowledge our traditional beliefs but we have now opened ourselves up to develop and grow.

The fundamental values of people is what characterises their culture, it is seen through the manifestation of symbols, stories, heroes and slogans. It is a reminder of how loyal, patriotic and passionate we are about life.

Telling your story transmits a transparent message out to the world, it allows people to see that change can happen and to embrace it rather than fear it. The call to action is here, it is happening, i am learning and seeing so much now for my eyes are truly open, but we can still do more, so much more. We need to saturate media, campaigns, with the message of global harmony.

Recognise that you have the right to make mistakes, for this allows you to learn, adapt and initiate necessary change. Be symbolic, walk the talk, articulate the vision knowing that those around you will note the attitudes and behaviours, gradually they will adopt.... but recognise that it will take time. It's in the small deeds, the actions, the statements that can see anyone affect change. By letting others in, we open the flood gates to the freedom of great thought, of inspiration and to pave the way for innovation - there is always room at the table for one more!

Our fight and our trust then becomes the key component to ensure the world economy can grow. but we all at some time have to learn to let go. To continue to seek and be the change we wish to see. What are the key elements that come to mind when we look towards making improvements to our world? For me they are those "habits of mind"

1.Globalisation - that we should not be seen as opening ourselves up to vulnerability but as acknowledging the "extending of a hand of friendship", of a better/different way by sharing other beliefs. However, we can do more, by not boxing ourselves in, by thinking on a grand scale and infiltrating the global market, we spread it round the world.

2.Advancing Technology - such a medium has empowered us all to be better equipped and informed to make choices in a better way. However, again we can do more. A global harmony badge - displayed and worn with pride, hanging outside every business door, Organisations that act as an umbrella for so many social interests groups are working towards the betterment of people and what they can achieve together. By increasing the frequency that we advertise this we help to get the message out - repetition is the key.

3.Industry Maturity - we need to recognise and understand that there is a call more than ever to diversify/merge if we really want to grow, supply and demand needs to be balanced better. Rather than see competition as fierce, look for a way to bring others on board that can branch into joint ventures. Creating sustainability of the many, keeps everyone around for a very long time. Short term solutions will only ever drive longer term problems - there will be no lasting gain. Borderless companies are the future for they think globally, they continue to push through and unite. They network, engage, albeit seeing opportunity where others only see problems.

4.The gap between rich and poor - the imbalance of power needs to see a shift, a responsibility placed back that demands we all give more. there is plenty for everyone and when we come to realise this only then can we let go and learn to be generous of ourselves, our time and our wallets. Integrate your success into others - pay it forward. Whether you work with your hands or in an industry of minds, joint venture will encapsulate all.

5.Climate change - instead of recognising it as a national disaster threatening our survival, let us look towards the beauty that we embrace throughout the day, nature at her best. When you change the thought process and mindset of people you will always arrive at a better result. Lets look to build on what we already have and know.

Finally it must be acknowledged that to continue to sustain the existing level of living of "doing well, by doing good", we raise the bar, we begin to level the playing field, we encourage buy-in.

In the University of life, it is the people that are our bank, so invest in them well, nurture your young, educate and train them so that they will take their place to ensure there will be a lot more generations, of a better world to live in. foster your relationships well. Take care of the old for they brought you into the world (remembering always where you came from), be kind to your neighbour for behind closed doors and drawn curtains could be someone so special that has been hidden from view.

When we set the stage too often as a high scale political platform we turn away from the people that count. Through shared knowledge, apppreciating the difference in beliefs and values, and finding a common ground in our modes of behaviours, our way of thinking, we move towards hope for a greater future. A future of less violence but greater conflict resolution, a future of wars reducing - wars that minimise the damage and need of such long term repatriation, a future that turns fights into compromise and negotiation. Our people should always be an important part of the group social collectivism for it is the greatness of people that can turn the problems of today into the solutions of our tomorrow.

It is also a time to remember our human orientation, that in the servitude of others we find our true self. By being fair, equitable, altruistic, generous and caring and kind - we arrive - we improve ourselves and so many around us.

At the basis of our code of ethics, those moral principles that govern our behaviours, is always our conscience dictating right from wrong, recognising acceptable and unacceptable, and identifying healthy and unhealthy.

When we stop dissecting the needs of the part against the needs of the whole and instead understand that it is all the parts that make the whole, we diffuse conflict, we start working towards a tangible goal to unite, to blend, to harmonise - we create world synergy.

Each day through wielding my pen, as the ink stains the page, i continue to hope that i can teach others to look for tangible, better ways to assist and accommodate others. That can and do make a real difference for all.

When you appreciate the needs, the rights and the interests of everyone, you breath vision into a new world. You generate the potential to sustain a future for all. Our corporate giants have spent too long now in managing only to take care of where we are today, we need future leaders that will help take the world to a new place. Our women, our children, all of mankind through social equality, inclusion and good education can make a difference to the world. Saving our world is a platform i choose to be on and shining the light back on us gives back the voice to so many. Collaboration requires all to board the train.

Our global experts/influencers need to better infiltrate the local markets - saturate and exhaust this level first, to empower then our own people who will in turn drive further and greater change. Empowering such a one becomes the power of so many. For the issue of our world is everyone's problem, ignorance will continue to breed the injustices, the insidious crimes, greater advocacy and embracing of change will move us in a new direction. Understand, that no one should have the right to rob you of your entitlements of a fortunate life.

Today i am realising that anyone of us can be a mercenary of many. That there is someone worse than you, whether it be through art/media/law/medecine/teaching/writing/singing.... or whatever it is you choose to do... when you reach out in love, kindness and compassion for all - YOU become the difference.

My belief today is that we can mould a system of different beliefs into a community that supports free thought and respects the traditions and values that are different.

For now my gift is one of grace, of compassion - to continue in my servitude of others, to give hope, to offer a voice, to act as a conduit that will encourage others to step forward . Little by little the call to such a mission will affect change.

Through mans benevolence, his ability to be humble, to break down barriers, to expose frailties and vulnerabilities, rather than hiding behind them, a real coming together can begin.


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