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Habits of Happiness

Questions to lead you towards a new way of life.

1.Never Hate

2.Do no Worry

3.Live Simple

4.Expect a little

5.Give a lot

6.Always smile

7.Do not forget

Answers towards achieving a new way of life

1.Anger and hate is a waste of emotion, especially when you have had to watch a soul destroyed by it - enery is a precious commodity that needs to be shared for the good of oneself and all

2.Faith and belief even in your darkest moments will always carry you through - there truly is someone watching over you.

3.Simply put, a humble heart is a happy heart, for in the giving towards others we lighten our load, remembering always that it should be for the "social good of all"

4.Expect a little - hope allows us to strive beyond just to survive - ask only for a little and so shall you receive so much more - but not necessarily what you think you want only what you need.

5.By giving a lot - the rewards are endless - spread the love - for it lifts you to bigger/better/brighter possibilities.

6.A smile - the universal gift we have to share, it costs nothing yet makes such a world of difference to so many.

7.Always remember where you came from, stay humble, stay true - this way you ground YOU


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