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Serendipity when Sailing


The beauty found in what a new day can bring

When crafted from love, as your boat comes in

Such a boat too, that lingers in calm waters of grey

She is haunting, majestic, the phantom of the bay

So dazzling and dreamy, but to sail her away

Thoughts of wide open spaces that slip between darkness of night, light of day

To be carried in the womb of her vessel, drifting out towards the sea

Gently does she rock, for she sets the current, she is the conduit

Back and forth has she gone with her oars of life

Row, row, little wooden boat, row so that she may continue to go

Towards now sailing in smooth passage, the hope of respite

For deep inside her the soft wood once did scream

Of another time where the splinters pierced dreams

As with her berth, so is the depth she carries inside

that now holds all her hope washing against the tide

For she places her trust in the little wooden boat

It will anchor her back to shore, it will keep her afloat.


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