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Phoenix Rising

The dance around this mythical bird of legend, is the emblazoning of the myriad of colour & cultures that burns brightly in our world. For it is our creative spirit & free will that allows us to reinvent ourselves. The Phoenix consciously consumes itself in flames to rise again. To manifest itself in new form for a greater good. As a door way to our freedom, it shows the reality we choose.That something old must be destroyed or transformed, to make way for something new. "Out of the ashes, so we rise, to start anew".

This Firebird is representation of our capacity to gather sensory information, that will inspire us to unfold what is hidden under wing. It symbolises the union of yin and yang. That in the resurrection towards a new life we make space for what it brings.

Whether it be pain, suffering or joy that educates us, it is also our acceptance of these lessons that can then teach us great empathy. We are able to transport ourselves into the heart and soul of others, to care for their feelings as if they were our own.

#phoenix #Awaken #Spirituality #resurrection #Growth

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