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@nasSimadesign - for Lily Amis

For the child within us all, I can tell you the significance of a teddy bear is to provide that 'constant'; the comfort & softness of a stuffed toy, that is rooted in sensory joy. 

A teddy bear has those elements hiding inside that for a child, for patients & adults too, can alleviate separation anxiety, soothe & provide healing, either at work, in hospitals or when at school. 

Teddy bears remind us that we are being watched over by someone kind, someone tender, a great big cuddly thing of gentleness & compassionate in heart. 

A teddy has that enduring quality which spreads kindness & love of which is brought about from the physical touch. It can help to transition out of attachment & trauma through cuddles & furry/fluffy love. 

The best mascot for any Paediatric ward should be the resident Bear. It lets children know they are safe, being watched & in a real place of care. 

For Dementia patients the sensory touch of something so soft, repositions their confused thoughts of their present place, back to a time remembered that brings a smile to their face.

For every purchase of a bear, brings lasting memories that over time become priceless & rare.  


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