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A Return to Respect

Respect is about having due regard for the feelings & rights of ourselves & others. 

It is to be polite, thoughtful & civil in acknowledging the abilities, qualities & achievements based on individual merit but also being mindful of the challenges a person may be facing. 

It is in offering assistance to aid & further their growth, by being transparent & asking: 'how can I serve you well?

how may I be of assistance to you?

what can I do to help?

Respect is never to 'mess with a mind' to have a hidden agenda that confuses them, to pit them against another, to set them up for failure, to like a puppet master, continually play them & string them along; to harass with subtle innuendo that tears apart the fragile self esteem for which again will see a serious rate of deterioration & decline. 

Leaving a trail of riddles may work to exercise a healthy mind but will not always rewire a trauma mind - planting suggestions, overwhelming such a person with ridiculous amounts of traffic can disturb them, can be deemed manipulative to someone suffering & in need of help - the overthinking analytical brain disturbed by psychological assault will question am I again being used? Abused? Meddled with simply to confuse. 

Respect Is never to steal from a person, to take what isn't yours to give - or to share a persons story without consent. 

The worst hurt comes from those who look to see what can be acquired as personal gain -'the exponential potential after being churned like butter a few times' a comment triggered again of what was said that comes to a traumatized mind & causes very real pain. 

Respect serves to contribute to the wellbeing knowing that the only desire is to want to give - with no expectation of a 'return on investment'. It is the Act of Kindness that creates a flow on affect for all. The reward will always be seen in the result of what the person then did. 

Respect is to make allowance for, to understand & be compassionate in the need for a persons mental health, well being & privacy - if there is a hidden agenda motivated by being manipulated & controlled for the pretense of to 'pay & be sold' this is nothing more than the beginning of human trafficking, it is a moral & ethical breach that moves 'below the fold' of good practice. 

For when you can Ask, more often you shall receive, but to lie, cheat & deceive is not the type of person I care to be. A life should never have placed upon it by another a Price! If you want to study & learn from another then ask for consent. Collaboration is inclusion of all, but when you do so Without Consent, by not inviting a person in, leaving them to worry & doubt, you have caused confusion & fear & again left them with self doubt. Knowledge may move you into a position of power, but good character is built on respect. Manipulative people do not understand respect, they do not have a concept of boundaries, they are simply relentless in their pursuit of you to fill a need, they have no regard for how they may hurt you along the way. If you are excluded in plans that you know involve you & relate to you- then know you are being deceived & used. As hard as it is: unplug, disengage & stay away. 

Respect comes from the humility of the self, it is knowing that honesty is appreciated, for it brings value of trust, to which loyalty will be returned.  


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