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What in the World do I call you - Unprejudiced & Accommodating one?


. Please start there, for such a person has an enormous capacity towards humility. They show a gentle respect for the s of & others. It is the greatest work humankind can do in letting go of fixed & preconceived ideas. 

The declaration we all need to make towards a non-partisan approach, to remain fair, objective & neutral. When we can stop to think & remind ourselves always that: Nobody should ever be made to feel bad, just for being who they are. 

The absence and avoidance of placing judgement upon oneself & others moves everyone into an inclusive state of equality & shared values. 

Those with such an accommodating & unprejudiced nature bring in great objective & reasoning behind everything they do. The convention they abide by & are always working towards, is to remove discriminatory practices that imply a distinction, that exclude, that motivate hate, that restrict or show a preference for one or another. They share & give towards the rights & freedoms that should be granted to all. 

People of humility recognize that the gifts bestowed upon them mark a 'meekness' for which they see not why they should have to through conformity change; they withhold a modesty of behaviour, attitude & spirit - I call it Grace. 

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