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Does our choice of friendships reveal what type of person we are?

Sadly for most people (dare I say it: ‘scaling their way to the top’) it does. Yet, it is this sense of entitlement & conformist attitude that creates & widens the divide in humanity. The faculty of over-confidence & ‘gross’ intellectuals that sees people too often turn away from those they believe are either less than or different from themselves - it is this attitude that leads to judgement, from which breeds hate & a moral behaviour that starts a real decline to discriminate. ‘How you treat those who have nothing’ really says a whole lot more about you. The real slaves today in society are those motivated from their place of ego - the thought that tells them: ‘to obtain more than I have, I must surround myself with people better than me’ - it is this false & very arrogant sense of self & entitlement for which I cannot abide or agree. To make such an alignment towards a system of hierarchy, is what will continue to separate man, to see the spread of greed & despondency that then generates wars across the land. Pitching the ego & living from a place of lies, will always reveal the pretense of being something you are not. Friendship should be based on a heart centered feeling that inspires & generates peace & love. Motivated from a willingness to want more for our fellow man. it is not & never should be a decision based from the mind of who we think we should befriend, for nowhere there, is any compassion you will find. If you were to strip all you have & take it away, it would reveal a return to values & respect; for which is a common denominator that makes friendship real. I believe those people who travel the modest mode of journeying - understanding the value behind inclusion for all, reach a greater & richer destination. For those in life we’ve all yet to meet, I will leave with you a blessing received - a special treat: Dear Friends, yes you, one & all Oh how I'd love to make all your dreams come true. But I'm a person, not a genie, so I'll settle for 5 wishes I truly want for you. The 1st is the excitement to jump out of bed with joy each day. The 2nd is the insatiable curiosity to explore, create and play. The 3rd is endless love and affection to lighten your darkest nights. The 4th is an ocean of abundance to enjoy the finer things in life. The 5th wish I have for you Anita, is to give you a sign. To always believe in yourself and let your gifts shine. 

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