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Human in Form

Eyes cast on Cruelty, bent in childish form Hunched over Seared with Pain, how to speak of a heart torn The wait of no questions that come, for answers we long to reveal The tragic gap, the greed of a 'humanity' - oh how it burns, oh how he steals No bricks to build in this garden that is the child's wall, seeded by a scarcity of which a minority affect the all

A back turned on a letter that asked to be found, futility now formed by the shape of silence - the child - breathes but not a sound What is this place, starved of a psyche, no more than an ego race ..... How to but forget when it can only be remembered as, today - our mankind, lost to hate! How can a world we all belong, for which leaves a child behind? In that playground of abandonment, no safety will you find - the picture paints the crime Surrender to the wounds, Scars left from An inheritance - traced through - the time - that shows in suffering The conflict & confusion, what hides the desperate need of acts of love Scoop her in strong arms, just yield & please, please raise her up.  

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