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Lost in the Woods

There is a beautiful artistry that arrives to be ‘lost in the woods’. A carefree, simple observation that does not demand attention or drive with a purpose to represent itself or others in a controlled way, it grants the ability to ‘read it right’, a bit like how a good book will often bring answers to the questions we seldom ask. ‘Being lost in the woods’ turns the attention inwards, it affords the time through great patience & study to offer a thoughtful, intelligent complete response, rather than moving into a position of power & defence - the ego’s reactionary phase. 

Only when you have accepted the duty to fully know the self, can you even begin to teach or give to others what you have come to know. 

For some, they so easily get lost in traffic too, the scramble to rush, to overtake, a need to conquer & dominate; how the determining goal can only be reached by way of a finish line - a finish line to which they must control at any cost, moving the goal posts to satisfy their needs, to fulfill their desires, their only expression of creative means - ‘the artful dodge’, how only from here, in watching the careful construct that motivated such deeds done does the storm they create gradually start to disappear, to  cautiously abate. For them there is no succession of state, no will to emancipate as the circuit was cut long ago. 

For the art expressed from the artist is simply something they can never understand. They are a bit like a chicken who continues to scratch at the seeds they cannot find. Very soon they become impatient, weary from an ascent to which they are not inclined to want to understand or begin the climb. To them it is seen as aimless in its wandering, and yet such a mindful practises releases all constraints, opening the way to an exploration without a final destination, the frame is perceived in a sensory way, taking a form only seen as a type of walking meditation. It is the wonderment of discovery in what they may find. 

Even in the world of science when we stay open a type of serendipity can exist, bringing about new discoveries by accident, the sagacity of finding things that the one was not necessarily in search of - perhaps ignorance can and does bring a type of true reward & bliss. The lack of expectation brings a rare sapience we don’t ordinarily see, a raw & very real beauty that for no matter where it is planted or positioned can & will still bloom. When we search for a specific thing, armed in subjective ways, the images & answers become limited by our expectation of what we need and assume we should see. 

The challenge always is to create an authorship of original work that does not seek to cut others down (or is hoped would not see others kill for) - for when we move into this type of controversial arena, nothing measures up, we become no better than those who have done us harm (this & here should be your stop). Stay open to question the human factors that encouraged you to take a walk on the wildside- a place only the brave souls are willing to go, move beyond the status quo, those existing beliefs, go back to a memory of a time before & be inspired by the things you did with complete childish abandon. 

To be lost in the woods, is a necessary evil to conjure some of life’s finest works of art, for it seeks understanding of the raw emotions we feel & have the ability to express, more often than not, these unique skills which only you possess will take you on such a great journey as this to see your path. 

Remember, that when you can dwell in the dark, the more truth you expose & bring to the light. 

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